Heart's Home USA ICCC
Heart’s Home USA ICCC

What is the ICCC?

JPEGLocated just two hours out­side of New York City, the International Center for a Culture of Compassion (ICCC) is a beau­tiful 121-acre facility in Woodbourne, NY that hosts a variety of events that place a spe­cial emphasis on com­pas­sion.

The ICCC works to make Heart’s Home’s mes­sage rever­berate throughout the soci­etal land­scape through sem­i­nars and con­fer­ences on the infu­sion of com­pas­sion into a variety of fields – art, busi­ness, science and pol­i­tics. The Catskills offer a visu­ally mag­nif­i­cent and quiet set­ting – an envi­ron­ment con­ducive to rest, study, cre­ativity and spir­i­tual renewal.

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